Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who am I?

As far as intros go, I basically suck. So, I'll just list some facts about me that I think are relevant.

  • Currently in my last year of university, completing an Honours B.Sc. degree
  • I absolutely love love love LOVE cheesecake. I see no reason why I wouldn't be able to live on it
  • Another thing I can live on is my laptop. How did people live before the 90's??
  • Speaking of laptops, I want to switch to a Macbook sometime next year
  • Speaking of Macbooks, my bro just got one and he's heading to Ireland in 2 weeks to study for at least a year
  • Speaking of Ireland, which rhymes with England, I can't believe how well they're doing in the World Cup Qualifiers - can't wait to watch the game vs Croatia this Wednesday!
  • Speaking of a day in the up-coming week, I am writing the MCAT on Saturday! - preperations going as well as you would expect from one who's starting a blog a week before taking the dreaded test.
  • Another thing coming up next week is FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! And I have no idea why I wrote that in all-caps, not really excited at the prospect of returning to that place.
  • Speaking about.. hmmm.. well, being excited, what I AM really excited about is the new online money making opprtunity I discovered recently. More deets on that later =)
  • Speaking about making money online, I ventured into the "online survey money making schemes" about 2 years ago. Wasted 2 months of my life before realizing it was a TOTAL scam area, unless you were willling to spend your life clicking on links to earn $0.001 PER click.
  • Speaking about later 2 bullet points up, I will be back later because I gotta go eat now. It's been 13 hours since I last put something in my mouth.
  • And I just realized how messed up that last sentence sounded. :D

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