Thursday, March 3, 2011

Acer Leather Jackets - Your #1 Source for Leather Jackets online

Throughout history, animal hides have been used to fashion clothing and leather is one of the most common and loved material as it has strong weather resistance and is very durable. With a wide range of products being made from leather, the most popular are leather jackets for men and women, handbags, gloves, shoes, etc, but the all time favourite is the men's leather jacket. Nothing compares to a man in a cool leather jacket.

At Acer Leather Jackets you will find a huge range of hand selected leather jackets for men and women, handbags for women, bags & briefcases for men and sheepskin boots & slippers for both men and women. All the leather jackets, coats and other products are made of high grade materials in all styles and colors to suit everyone's taste and style.

UK residents can enjoy free delivery while non-UK shoppers can buy any high quality leather product with a small shipping fee. Having been in this business for over 7 years, Acer Leather Jackets provides the best quality leather there is and you can shop with confidence knowing you will truly get a quality leather jacket. Check out the listings now, as there are many items on sale at great prices and discounts!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo of the Month

Funny photo of the month!

Woman: I wish for... no housework, no cooking, no cleaning...
Wishing Well: Wish granted! Be a man!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Become a Driving Instructor in the UK

Why should you become a driving instructor? Some people might like spending more time in the car and/or passing on important safety skills to new drivers, but most people want to be in the driving instructing field because it is very similar to running your own business. You can set your own times and hours, have a good pay, have job security, and most of all, a job you love. Not to mention you get to be your own boss!

Now that you've decided to become a driving instructor, how do you begin? Well, the first thing you need is to find out if you qualify to become a driving instructor in the UK. The official requirements are as follows:

  • have a current, vaild UK driving license
  • must have held it for at least 3 years
  • ideally have no more than 6 points accumulated
A key quality that makes you become a good driving instructor is to be a people person, as you will enjoy teaching that much more and get frustrated at your students that much less when they don't do as you tell them.

The next step is to undertake driving instructor training which is offered at many training centres across the UK. Find out where to get driving instructor training in the UK closest to you! 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to Buy BlackBerry PlayBook Online | Best Prices

A BlackBerry Playbook in hand - size comparison on Buy BlackBerry Playbook Online
Image credit: MSNBC
Here you will be able to buy the Blackberry PlayBook online. Released in 2011 by RIM Canada, the BlackBerry Playbook is expected to sell 200,000 units every month and the initial order was for over 1 million Playbooks.

The price for the Playbook was initially predicted by online bloggers to be about $700 but the actual price of the BlackBerry Playbook is now expected to be between $300 and $600, which puts it at a very easy win over the iPad.

As of now, there are 4 versions of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet to be released in 2011, which are as follows:

  1. Buy BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi only - released first
  2. Buy BlackBerry Playbook 3G  - release date soon after the WiFi Playbook
  3. Buy BlackBerry Playbook 3gPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) - release date with the 3G Playbook via AT&T
  4. Buy BlackBerry Playbook 4G to stay in competition (via Sprint, using Wimax) - release date mid-to-late 2011
(*links and cheapest prices to buy Playbook online to be added and updated as each version is released)

In comparison to its biggest competitor, the iPad, BlackBerry's Playbook is leagues above it. The Playbook weighs 0.5 pounds less than the iPad, has a smaller screen which makes it easier for portability, has 2 cameras (3 mega-pixels front facing and 5 MP back facing capabe of HD video recording), full Adobe Flash support, 8 hours of battery life, many third party apps and much more! This includes a 7 inch screen with a 1024 x 600 display, 1GB of RAM and a dual-core 1GHz processor.

It is worth noting that the iPad does not have a camera yet, and the BlackBerry Playbook is the first tablet to offer 1080p video recording capability!

The Playbook tablet also allows for tethering to your blackberry so you can start an email on your phone and finish it up on your PlayBook.

This tablet has received worldwide attention and its release is awaited by millions around the globe in countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, India, the Middle East (including Saudi Arabia, UAE - Dubai, Kuwait, etc), Indonesia and of course the USA. This link to buy BlackBerry PlayBook Online will be updated with the best deals available online as each Playbook version is released. Remember to bookmark and check back!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Buy Fuji FinePix X100

Fuji FinePix X100

Fall in love with photography all over again. 

Inspired by the beauty and form of classic cameras from the past, the FinePix X100 combines all the latest technical digital innovations in a beautiful, traditional chassis which oozes class and prestige. 

Echoing the functional aesthetics of analogue film cameras, the ‘manual’ dials have been carefully positioned to give the photographer easy control over creative shooting. Aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation can be checked even before the camera is turned on. 

The ergonomics of the design offers the perfect balance between compact convenience and user-friendly operation. Every control has been carefully considered to give the photographer fast access to aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, to allow maximum creative expression with minimum hassle.

The upper control deck and bottom surface of the camera has been cast from magnesium alloy, (semi-solid metal casting), to create a high-precision body with high rigidity. All dials on the upper control deck are also fabricated from metal.

Premium quality is evident in every detail. The chassis has been finished with high-quality leather accents, allowing you to indulge in pure photographic satisfaction.
You won’t want to put it down.

Vish and Asia Blog About Business Success and Earning Money Online

With over 10 years of experience under their belt, Vish and Asia are two people you can turn to for advice in your online business endeavours without having to worry about running into a gimmick or scheme out to get your money. Their primary goal is to share real insights and valuable tips from their decade plus knowledge on how to seriously earn money online and live good.

Vish and Asia have a wide area of expertise individually and when combined, they make an unstoppable team. They have used a lot of techniques required for one to have business success online as well as offline, such as SEO and marketing, writing, development, branding, investing, designing, photoshopping and more. This puts them in the perfect position to offer tips and words of wisdom to new entrepreneurs who was much more prone to making mistakes that Vish and Asia might already have made and learned from. They share these experiences in blog posts to help you achieve success earning money online as well as living a balanced life. 

You can subscribe to Vish and Asia's Newsletter and receive their complete 200 page blogging revenue ebook as a Free Gift!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Download PDF ebooks at PDFGeni - A comprehensive and brilliant pdf search engine is a free site where you can manually search for and then download ebooks and other pdfs for free. The site has collected these ebooks and pdf files from all over the web to provide a comprehensive and elaborate search engine which is designed to produce quality results, enabling you to find the pdf or ebooks you are looking for in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.

As an example of how efficient this search engine is, a search for "homemade ice cream" provides a list of professional pdfs with the exact recipes to make ice cream at home.

Download PDF ebooks -PDFGeni - The best pdf and ebook search engine on the web!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Buy Sports Tickets Online at Admit One Boston

For over a decade, Admit One ticket agency has been providing tickets all over America to nearly impossible to get events with one of the most extensive in-house inventory of tickets in the industry.

From Boston Bruins Tickets, Boston Celtics Tickets to Boston Red Sox Tickets, Admit One has them all. Tickets are available for purchase even up to the day of the game and you can get Balcony seats, Premium club and even Front Row glass seats on the ice.

Searching for tickets has never been easier as you can sort the tickets by event, location (venue) and date/time, allowing you to find the event that you're looking for in quick easy steps at the best prices available.

For tickets to NHL, NBA, MLB games and more events, be sure to check out AdmitOneBoston before you make your purchase anywhere else!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Guitar and Amplifier Reviews

When you are in the market for a new guitar, amplifier or both, be it your first or an upgrade from your old one, it is always important to do your research so you know you are going to spend your money on a decent instrument that not only should suit you but you should be happy with it for as long as you go on to use it. The quick and probably the worst way is to simply walk into your local music store. You should at least have some idea of what you are looking for, including brands, styles, looks, types and more technical details. And the last thing you want is to be misled by a sales person just looking to make a quick commission from you.

On Guitar and Amplifier Reviews, you will find personal reviews from the creators of the site as well as other musicians who have shared their opinions on various guitars and amplifiers. There are reviews ranging from the 1968 Gibson SG Electric Guitar, to the Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose and even the Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster, one of the rare guitars that have a custom look and feel but come at the mass-market price tag, and many, many more guitar and amplifier reviews.

To top it off, if you have something to say about a guitar or amplifier, you can leave your comment on each page of Guitar and Amplifier Reviews and share your opinion with everyone else!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buy the Best Alps Mountaineering Gear Online

Alps Mountaineering is the climbing of the Alps mountains, which stretch across Europe from Austria and Slovenia, through Italy and Germany, all the way to France. This mountain range is one of the most popular range where mountaineers like to go to hike, ski and climb as a hobby or as professionals. Having to pass through all kinds of terrain, it is important to have the best gear and equipment in order to survive the immense cold temperatures of the Alps. has all the gear an Alps Mountaineer will need.

When you start out your journey, you will need an Alps Mountaineering Fanny Pack to hold your important documents and credit cards as well as maybe a snack or sunglasses. To hold all your other larger belongings, you will need an Alps Mountaineering Cascade BackPack which includes a rain cover! Of course, you will be climbing over several days or even weeks, which means you will need an Alps Mountaineering Chaos BackPacking Tent to rest and sleep at night. Other essentials include an Alps Mountaineering Nylon Mesh Lounger Chair, an Alps Mountaineering LightWeight AirPad and an Alps Mountaineering Camp Table.

These are just a few of the many important essentials one would need on an Alps Mountaineering trip. To see a great collection of such items at great prices, please visit Alps Mounatineering Gear at

Image Credit:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buying or selling a website? Finding websites for sale was never this easy!

You can have many reasons for buying websites or selling websites. You may be looking to buy a well-established website already set up for you to come in and start doing your thing with it. Or you might want to sell your website in order to pursue other interests. You could also want to do both, in which case you are probably interested in website flipping. Website Flipping is the art of buying a website, improving it to increase its value and selling it at a higher price than you paid, thus earning yourself a nice little profit. Repeat this process over different websites, and you could be making 6 figures in no time.

Whatever your purpose may be, in the ideal world you would like to have a place to go which displays all the websites for sale at the moment, along with their critical statistics such as domain age, unique visitors and page views per month, net profit per month, revenue per month, etc. You would also like to have the option to add your own websites for sale and have people bid on them.

Well, brings your ideal world into reality. FlipFilter finds and analyses websites for sale from the biggest marketplaces of websites for sale online, which are Flippa and Digital Point. You have access to the well-organized and easy to search listings at no cost and you are able to bid on websites you are interested in or even contact other buyers and sellers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting a Limited Work License in Pennsylvania

Getting your license suspended can put you in a very frustrating situation, especially if you have others depending on your driving, such as family members or co-workers. Imagine a 40-year old man who has to drive his 2 children to school every day, then drive to work and also give a co-worker a ride to and from work since they live on the same street. If he gets his driver license suspended, for whatever reason, for even six months, it can drastically affect his and his family and friend’s life during this time.

If you’re in this situation and you live in Pennsylvania, you should have nothing to worry about! can provide you with a Limited Work License, which allows drivers with suspended licenses to continue driving after filing and getting a petition approved. However, there are some exception as to what kind of misdemeanors are ineligible to apply for a Limited Work License and more details can can be found at

If your license has been suspended or revoked for a period of 5 or more years, you may be eligible to apply for a Probationary License, which some would consider to be a “second chance”. This type of Limited Work License is only issued once in a lifetime to an individual and it authorizes the licensee to drive a non-commercial vehicle between 6am and 7pm. For more details and eligibility requirements, please check out Probationary License in Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finding the Best Party Bus in Atlanta

Finding the right Atlanta Party Bus to hire is almost like finding the right apartment to rent; you have to plan ahead, plan as you negotiate the agreement, think smart and then live up to your end of the deal. If you don’t do it right, you could go wrong in a number of ways and end up having to pay dearly for it. For example, if you don’t plan ahead and think about the location of your apartment, you could find the grandest place ever, but too far from your workplace and you’d have to invest more in transport. Or you could overlook the details of the agreement and before you know it, you’re responsible for paying the gas, electric, water AND the internet bills, when you thought they were included in your rent. And the worst scenario arises when you don’t read the fine print and break something – in cases like that the fine print usually says you have to pay about 10 times more than the actual cost of the damage.

When hiring an Atlanta Party Bus company, you can make similar mistakes much more easily as there are a lot more variables that can go wrong (lots of people can lead to damages, vomiting mess, other messes, etc). And the worst part is, all of the party bus companies KNOW this and most of them WILL try and get you to sign a contract with them, and if you don’t do without the right attitude and mindset, you won’t know what things to look out for. You could end up paying thousands of dollars more than you initially bargained for.

You can now get a FREE Atlanta Party Bus report detailing the things to look out for and get exceptional advice on choosing the right party bus in Atlanta.

Monday, May 24, 2010 - Your One Stop for Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Gear

In Hawaiian, ‘makai” means something that is towards the ocean or simply “beachside”. With an analogous goal of providing online shoppers an awe-inspiring experience when finding online deals on sporting goods and outdoors equipment, is one of the leading websites in its field.

Originally the company only sold cruiser bikes and its accessories, but after an overwhelming and positive response from happy customers, expanded its services and now offers a wide variety of goods including fitness products, hunting gear, outdoor gear and over 10 different kinds of bikes. You will find a great collection of Cruiser Bikes, Folding Bikes, Mountain Bikes and more at with unbeatable price tags.

Unlike many companies, is run by a generous and charitable group of people. Over the last couple of years, they have been supporting their community and also a number of non-profit organizations by donating cash and products for the needy. You can check out some appreciation letters on their website from these organizations including one from the Utah Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Toyota Motor Sales Foundation, both offering their gratitude for the kind generosity of You can also read some great testimonials from customers describing their experience dealing with

Monday, May 17, 2010

Buy Earrings Online –

Jody Coyote is a 1974 original jewelry company that mainly operates out of Eugene, Oregon. The factory has just 150 employees that are producing 60,000 earrings every week. Every year over 600 new and unique jewelry designs are added to the seasonal jewelry collections to provide you with over 10,000 exceptional and brilliant earrings to choose from.

The brand uses inspiration from nature and the earrings are known for carefree, sometimes Asian-influenced styles, many of which are the perfect earrings for women with short hair. Often comprising of beads and Swarovski crystals, the designer jewelry shows off brilliant colors blowtorched onto metal and stamped or embossed mixed metal motifs. Over the recent years, Jody Coyote LLC has also begun crafting Jody Coyote necklaces and Jody Coyote bracelets.

All of Jody Coyote jewelry designs are made using sterling silver and 14-kt gold-filled wire combined with a variety of stones, beads and colorful patina finishes on embossed metals. Every piece is carefully handcrafted, so with proper care, it will last a lifetime.

Check out the intriguing new designs that combine the beauty of copper with the cool elegance of sterling silver to produce exceptional copper earrings. is an authorized reseller for Jody Coyote jewelry and has the world’s largest online collection of casually elegant Jody Coyote earrings. You can buy earrings online at and your order will be shipped in 48 hours!