Monday, September 7, 2009

An internet marketing newbie's must have!

Every day I wake up and spend hours figuring out how to make my way into being a successful online marketer. Its easy to get discouraged after realizing how behind I am in terms of having a website up and running, building a prospect list, having a good product to sell and of course, increasing that minimal balance which is quite often $0.00 or as close to that as one can get.

That is until I stumbled upon Free and Powerful.. For starters, it is 100% free to sign up and you get a lifetime membership! That is great in itself but wait till you hear what they have to offer!

- Free READY-TO-GO squeeze pages - that you can start posting on your website within seconds.
- "But I don't have a website" you say. Well check out the next thing they offer!
- Free traffic site affiliate accounts that you can set-up and promote your squeeze page (or any other site) for NO CHARGE AT ALL.
- A fully functional auto-responder. And you guessed it! Also 100% FREE!
- The option to build capture pages, to promote any other offer you may have - for FREE!
- Tutorial videos on how to get referrals from twitter, myspace, facebook and youtube. I think it goes without saying these are all 100% free and you get FULL access to them.

All in all, I give Free and Powerful an 9/10. Did I mention their layout is super-user friendly with minimal ads?

This is something a person who is just starting out in the online money-making field must have. If you've got little or no money to spend on advertising, building prospect lists, or getting fancy auto-responders, this is for you!

So get your FREE life-time membership now @ Free and Powerful. which truly lives up to its name. Its free! and absolutely powerful.

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