Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GroupHappy.com MSN Spam - The new face of Acai Berry

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance you were the victim of an MSN popup message from the website www.grouphappy.com.

MSN Messenger Spam Grouphappy Takes Over Acai Berry

Author: Abseaz

The GroupHappy Virus is quickly spreading to all parts of the world. It is a malware that infects your PC when you click on a link sent to your MSN chat window from one of your friends. The rick is that your friend didn't actually send it. It's really an automatic bot (computer algorithm) designed to steal your contact list email addresses and then send them messages via MSN chats.

The Group Happy message reads something like this:

"Don't be hating. If you want the ladies to pay more attention why don't you do the right thing. Until next Friday, this site is giving one free bottle of pe**s pills to anyone who orders for the first time. You just pay a couple of dollars for stamps, but thats all. They work guarenteed and dont cost nuttin. www.grouphappy.com"

This is just one variation that I managed to copy when I got it. There may be (most likely are) other versions of the same message from GroupHappy.com floating around, which all attempt to get you to click on the link that says "www.grouphappy.com".

Do NOT click on that link.

If you do, the malware WILL infect your computer and the bot will have access to all your friend's emails. It will then routinely send automated messages to your friends and some of them may even click on the GroupHappy scam link, thus spreading the virus even further.

If you did make the mistake on clicking the GroupHappy spam link, don't worry! It's not the end of the world, all you have to do is run a FREE program (no installation) called MSNCleaner and it will remove the GroupHappy malware from your computer.

You can download this program at Remove GroupHappy Virus.

To read more about this new MSN virus and what else you can do to stay protected from further attacks in the future, please read my GroupHappy Scam article.

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How to Remove GroupHappy Virus

MSN Malware GroupHappy.com Takes Over Acai Berry Spam

New Report - Avoid GroupHappy products at all costs!

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