Monday, May 17, 2010

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Jody Coyote is a 1974 original jewelry company that mainly operates out of Eugene, Oregon. The factory has just 150 employees that are producing 60,000 earrings every week. Every year over 600 new and unique jewelry designs are added to the seasonal jewelry collections to provide you with over 10,000 exceptional and brilliant earrings to choose from.

The brand uses inspiration from nature and the earrings are known for carefree, sometimes Asian-influenced styles, many of which are the perfect earrings for women with short hair. Often comprising of beads and Swarovski crystals, the designer jewelry shows off brilliant colors blowtorched onto metal and stamped or embossed mixed metal motifs. Over the recent years, Jody Coyote LLC has also begun crafting Jody Coyote necklaces and Jody Coyote bracelets.

All of Jody Coyote jewelry designs are made using sterling silver and 14-kt gold-filled wire combined with a variety of stones, beads and colorful patina finishes on embossed metals. Every piece is carefully handcrafted, so with proper care, it will last a lifetime.

Check out the intriguing new designs that combine the beauty of copper with the cool elegance of sterling silver to produce exceptional copper earrings. is an authorized reseller for Jody Coyote jewelry and has the world’s largest online collection of casually elegant Jody Coyote earrings. You can buy earrings online at and your order will be shipped in 48 hours!


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