Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buying or selling a website? Finding websites for sale was never this easy!

You can have many reasons for buying websites or selling websites. You may be looking to buy a well-established website already set up for you to come in and start doing your thing with it. Or you might want to sell your website in order to pursue other interests. You could also want to do both, in which case you are probably interested in website flipping. Website Flipping is the art of buying a website, improving it to increase its value and selling it at a higher price than you paid, thus earning yourself a nice little profit. Repeat this process over different websites, and you could be making 6 figures in no time.

Whatever your purpose may be, in the ideal world you would like to have a place to go which displays all the websites for sale at the moment, along with their critical statistics such as domain age, unique visitors and page views per month, net profit per month, revenue per month, etc. You would also like to have the option to add your own websites for sale and have people bid on them.

Well, FlipFilter.com brings your ideal world into reality. FlipFilter finds and analyses websites for sale from the biggest marketplaces of websites for sale online, which are Flippa and Digital Point. You have access to the well-organized and easy to search listings at no cost and you are able to bid on websites you are interested in or even contact other buyers and sellers.

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