Thursday, May 13, 2010


When you hear the word Bingo, you think of the game of chance played in Bingo Halls. But if you hear the words “Online Bingo”, than you’re likely thinking of the virtual game of Bingo, which uses a random number generator instead of balls. Furthermore, depending on where you come from, you will also be thinking about different types of Bingo games. For example, people from North, Central and South America favour the 75 ball Bingo game whereas if you’re from Australia or Europe, you’re likely more familiar with the 90 ball Bingo game.

While the European 90 ball game has its strengths, such as uninterrupted action due to three chances to win during each game, many people still prefer the original 75 ball Bingo game as a single large jackpot offers much more excitement compared to 3 smaller winnings.

Another reason why Bingo players might prefer the 75 ball game is the additional flexibility it offers in comparison to the 90 ball bingo. This flexibility arises from the players being able to play many different patterns.

For more information and details on the rules and where to play the many different types of Bingo games available online, please visit Bingo.

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