Monday, May 3, 2010

Resume Writing 101

Resume writing is writing your resume so that you are able to apply for a position. Not all applicants that apply to a position are accepted; are you one of the applicants who always gets their first priority position or do you find yourself settling for less most of the time? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you fall in the latter category and would like some resume writing tips.

The first thing you should know about applying for a job position is that your resume is like your brochure for the prospective employer to review before he/she decides on who to give the job to. A successful applicant will have a resume which results in an interview and ultimately the job. Thus, the first and arguably most important part of your job search process is resume writing.

Many people completely underestimate the significance of resume writing in getting a job. A lot of people write their resume by generalizing everything they have ever done in their own words and their resumes end up looking like a personal biography -- an employer hates having to read through resumes like that!

What you really should be doing is using proper keywords or "power words" that sound professional, provide value to what the specific employer is looking for and most importantly sets you apart from the rest of the batch of resumes. For example, saying “valuable experience as a cashier at Target for 2 years” sounds better than “experience with customer service”, if you’re applying to a retailer.

For an A to Z guide on writing your resume and a lot of free tips, please visit Resume Writing and check out the great resources available for you to create your perfect resume.

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